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Companies in MLM system are observed with a great sales growth. And it is happening despite global problems and crisis

by Maciej Maciejewski

In the third quarter od 2020 Herbalife Nutrition noted net sales of 1.5 billion dollars which means that the sales rate has increased by 22% with comparison to the third quarter of 2019. The sum itself appears to be the highest quarterly result in the company’s history. Moreover, another company, Nu Skin Enterprise, has announced the revenue of 703.3 million dollars. It is the growth of 19% in year-to-year relation.

source: Pixabay

Apparently, although global economic problems, the MLM business is booming. – During this quarter, we broke another net sales record by earning more than 1.5 million dollars.  The factor influencing this result was the interest of our customers with health and wellbeing – said John Agwunobi, the CEO of Herbalife Nutrition.

In case of Nu Skin Enterprises, another company representing MLM business, the quarterly sales of 703.3 million dollars and 19% growth is also an impressive result. These days, a lot of traditional and franchised companies would do everything to reach such level of sales.

The crisis has no feelings. Prosperity has no mercy. Where one can find only problems, someone else will have incredible growths and development.

– Thanks to acceleration of the sales results, the company was constantly developing.  Consequently, in the third quarter we noted revenue and profit much higher than we expected – commented Ritch Wood, the CEO of Nu Skin. – By realization of our long-term strategy we achieved a double-digit growth of customers and sales leaders what influenced the revenue in almost all reporting segments. There was only one segment where the increase was not noticed. We have achieved a double-digit sales growth in both South and North America, Pacific regions and EMEA with the slight increase in most parts of Asia. Mainland China is still under stabilization and revenue, as much as the number of customers and sales leaders, enlarges gradually – he added.

In opinion of Nu Skin chairman, the company extends beyond its growth forecasts for 2020. It is conditioned by the customers’ need for product and constant digital investments which make it possible for sales leaders and companies to build MLM business in the time of pandemic. – We also base on the current environment people work in. These days more and more of us are working remotely and doing shopping online. Currently, around 90% of Nu Skin revenue comes from online transactions – he says.

And now, try to imagine how much is here to share! The forecasted global e-commerce market value in the end of 2020  equals around 717 billion euros! There is no question that pandemic has become the most powerful driver for online marketing. The sad may it sound, the true it is. Just let’s do it!

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