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The trilogy of success in MLM business. Three key elements that will lead you to a life of prosperity and luxury

by Maciej Maciejewski

What is the most common question asked by my acquaintances? What is the one, magical question I can always hear on every social gathering: ‘Can you develop your own business while being employed at the same time?’ In my opinion, you can, and sometimes you have to. There’s only one small problem, or even three.

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I have heard multiple times many people lashing out that you won’t develop any business if you don’t give up your job. Of course, in case of the traditional company, I can say it is true. You can’t do both, and even if you could, it would be very, very difficult. However, there are some alternative ways of making money which allow you to make one chime with another.

If you’re developing an online business or you want to launch a business in multilevel marketing system, it is not advisable to quit your job straight away. For whether in a traditional business, or in an online business, it will still take a couple of months until you start making enough money to pay the living costs and the costs of running your own company.

It is not hard to quit and say goodbye to your boss, but then have no money and wonder how to make it until the end of the month. Let’s face it, most of the people live from hand to mouth and don’t have enough financial resources to support themselves, e.g., for half a year without being concerned about this problem. You also need to take into consideration the fact that the business could turn out to be a fiasco, or that you aren’t good enough to sustain it.

Therefore, I believe that you ought to roll up your sleeves and, at the cost of having less time, build your business while being employed at the same time. However, the moment you’re sure that you earn at least twice as much as your salary from your own business, and you will still be earning systematically, then you can quit your job. Just remember, the most important thing is:

If you want to build an MLM business or make money by any other form of online business, you need to have your head screwed on right from the very beginning. Don’t learn from your mistakes, learn from the experts, those who have already achieved success in the business.

Education, setting goals and working diligently to achieve them are the key.  This is the trilogy of success in MLM business. The three key elements that lead to a life of prosperity. Is achieving your goals easy for you? Any goals. It’s very important. Just take it easy, as we often set our goals, however, achieving them is not as simple as it looks.

We come across a lot of challenges on our path which, as a result, can lead us to a loss of motivation to keep us going. We can be impatient when achieving our goal takes too long.  We can often get frustrated and start thinking that we’ll never achieve our goal as it could take the rest of our lives. In the end, we just let go of it and we let go of many of our dreams. And then, the success moves away successfully.

What is the reason for this? It’s usually the fact that we want to achieve countless milestones all at once, just as if we were wearing the seven-league boots, instead of taking one step at a time. That was the reasoning behind, among other things, The 20 – Minute Rule. It’s a set of rules that for many people can be a true solution, so that they don’t wear themselves out while achieving their objectives.

What is the 20 – Minute Rule? In order to achieve your goals, changes, etc., just spend on the activity 20 minutes daily. Don’t do it for a whole day straightaway, just for 20 minutes. As a result, the activity will not tire you out and you will not be put off by it. Thanks to this rule you will make progress one step at a time with a smile on your face. As a result, you will accomplish your goal sooner than you think. As a consequence, you will be prepared for success in your own business!

Examples? Here you go. 20 minutes to read. For this amount of time, you’re able to completely focus on what message does the author want to convey. 20 minutes to exercise. Being active for even this amount of time will bring you results without burnout or injury. 20 minutes to learn something new. It’s just enough to be fully focused and learn, little by little. 20 minutes to learn a foreign language. Similarly, a small amount of time, but with a smile on your face and forward. 20 minutes daily to clean your house. Usually nobody likes it, however, 20 minutes daily is enough to make your home sparkle. And you’ll do it with pleasure. 20 minutes to relax. It’s a crucial thing, and we often forget about it. 20 minutes is enough to rest without feeling remorse. Analyze the situation you’re in for 20 minutes daily. For instance, your financial, professional, or family situation, in order to find solutions and to pick the best options.

I could give you many examples. The thing is, if you give up your goals and dreams out of frustration and impatience, you will stagnate. Yet, by using a step-by-step approach you will be going forward with self-satisfaction. For this is the most important thing in anyone’s life. To go with the flow. You can’t stagnate. It is the development that gives us the impulse to live. To have a better life. In every field. So, what, do you like the method? I wish you every success.

The author of this text has long been a passionate of personal development and she works with this subject professionally. For the last couple of years, she has been helping people to build their personal brands. She helps her clients to reach their personal and business goals. She is also a business practitioner with many years of experience in management and executive positions, in companies from various industries. She is also an active networker who connects entrepreneurs. Her greatest success is, of course, family and fruitful cooperation with several companies. In all of those companies she had built teams of approximately 1.5 thousand people each. Her success also includes positive changes in her clients during their journey together through the oceans of personal development, success in online business and increasing competences. Personally, she’s a happy wife and mother. Her motto is ‘Your success depends on you. I can only help you with it’. More information at:

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