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Business dōTERRA launches operations in Thailand

by Maciej Maciejewski

dōTERRA announced the expansion of its presence in Southeast Asia with the grand opening of its operations in Thailand. doTERRA Thailand will be headquartered in Bangkok’s financial district and will offer 80 products to its local Wellness Advocates.

– This is a great day for the growing number of Wellness Advocates and customers in Thailand. The opening of dōTERRA Thailand is a direct result of the effort and commitment of amazing Wellness Advocates and customers. The Thai people have a great appreciation for health and wellness, and dōTERRA’s pure and natural products align with their wants and needs – said Johnathan Kunz, vice president of Asia Pacific Markets.

The company’s Bangkok office will host a Will Call area and customer experience center where customers can learn more about the company and pick up products, and a training room where distributors can meet with prospective customers.

– dōTERRA is growing rapidly to provide greater opportunities for customers around the world to access our pure essential oils. dōTERRA already has a strong presence in Thailand, and we are grateful for our local Wellness Advocates and customers who have been waiting patiently for this day. We look forward to strengthening our connection to the Thai people and community through our new local operations – said Greg Cook, dōTERRA founding executive.

A comment from Mariola Pankiewicz-Zarzycka: – There are a lot of companies that are worth joining. But why dōTERRA ? It is for the fact that the popularity of essential oils has been growing day by day. And this is due to a new trend in health and wellness which has already taken over the world. It is also thanks to the speed effect of these products, as it takes only a couple of minutes to feel better after using the selected oil. This causes an unusual in the MLM business consistency in purchases, and in dōTERRA average retention is 65%. That’s a lot more than can be observed in other companies within network marketing sector. It means that the number of people registered within our network who buy consistently, is immeasurably greater. Strictly speaking, smaller groups generate higher turnovers, thus, it is easier. Lastly, there is something I like talking about the most, is the implementation of essential oils which incomparable with any other product. You can inhale them, use them externally and internally. You can use them for hygiene, for cooking, in fitness clubs, and during a yoga session. But, above all, they are beneficial for our health, and extremely effective at that. I encourage everyone to try our products. They’re really amazing!

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