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Philanthropy in time of pandemic: How MLM companies help the needies

by Maciej Maciejewski

The world faced the unprecedented health challenge of coronavirus and the help from the business branches is obviously needed. In time of COVID-19 problems, direct sales and network marketing show their top-notched actions to increase supportive actions. Let us go through the concrete examples…

source: Pixabay

Arbonne International. Thanks to their foundation, a network marketing company Arbonne International, systematically organizes help to various youth organizations from America, Australia and Europe. This is the way in which corporation financially supports homeless teenagers. At the very beginning Flourish Arbonne Foundation collected 196 500 USD. The funds came from donations from MLM business society. Later, the company decided to donate another sum that came from its own budget, what finally gave 393 000 USD. This amount of money will help to provide shelter, food supplies, support and personal stuff for homeless youngsters from all over the world. Moreover, not only financial support was provided. 40 000 packs full of hygiene products and supplements were also sent out. Inside, such products as wash hand gels, lotions, protein bars and sanitizers (in USA). Such gifts were sent also in such countries as New Zealand and Poland.

PM-International. As the biggest German network marketing company, PM International has engaged in the battle with COVID-19 pandemic by various donations that generated great sum of 1 million euros. These sincere help initiatives were started under “PM helps” programme, Funds and products from the programme were sent out to different regions touched by pandemic and located near Speyer, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and France. In Spain, PM-International decided to support police and crisis help of Doctors of the World and World Vision organizations by donations to build and functioning of two hospitals in Madrid. The company also helps Saar government to buy sanitary equipment and create supply centres in many parts of Germany. PM-International also supports Speyer campaign by helping medical and social workers and families in need due to the current situation. The company donated 17 500 of its products to medics and their assistants from France and supply centres in Spain.

DuoLife. It is a MLM polish company. “We support polish hospitals in fighting with their invisible enemy Polish healthcare has already been provided with 7 200 DuoLife products such as DuoLife Vita C, DuoLife My Blood and Herbal Body Care sanitizer gels. Hospitals in Cracow, Zgierz, Tychy and Bytom were equipped with the products with a total value of 500 000 PLN.” – newspapers say. As can be seen, DuoLife company develops not only their sales, but also charity actions are improved. What needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that the total value includes also funds from DuoLife My Blood 3+1 promo (supporting first juggling on Mount Everest performed by Krzysztof Drabik the ambassador of DuoLife) and Krewniacy Foundation (Relatives Foundation). The funds, as per company’s management decision, have been doubled.

Amway. Quick Response Amway’s team has been appointed immediately to give a kickback to current problems with COVID-19 pandemic. The special frames for face protection. Amway Team has started collaboration with local engineering company. – Velocity Research to design and create face protective frames, that are an important part of personal equipment of every single healthcare worker. “I am very proud of what we do in Amway – Randy Betz says. – We have right people with a proper machinery on a proper place. They enable us to do all the best to help our society. You will never know when you, or your family member needs hospitalization, and this determines us to devote our talent and resources to help – she adds. And this is how Amway team made their concepts real.

Raypath International. The unique products of Raypath International company are observed to be very popular. To vest their antibacterial properties, such products as cleaners and soaps were added with nano silver. The same with the new product of Raypath – the reusable face masks were also swabbed with nano silver and appear to be commonly used by customers. When it comes to charity events performed by the company. Raypath Infinity group needs to be distinguished. They regularly provide many different companies and institutions with their products. In this case, Silver Water – water with nano silver is the most usable product. Its biostatic features help to hamper growth of microbes and fungi. Recently, Raypath Infinity leaders have given these products to Ganinex Gazda Group car dealership and paramedics.

Jeunesse Global. The company has donated 500 000 USD for COVID-19 Solidarity Reaction Foundation. The foundation was initiated by World Health Organization (WHO) and is managed cooperatively with United States Foundation and Swiss Foundation of Philanthropy. The donation form Jeunesse Global, a network marketing concern, comes from non-profit foundation Jeunesse Kids and supports WHO activities running and coordinating global actions to prevent, identifying and reaction to coronavirus pandemic.

Oriflame. Oriflame Poland which is a cosmetic company working in network marketing system has initiated #OriflameDziękuje (#OriflameThanks) action. The event supports medical personnel in the polish hospitals in need. As Oriflame Poland and Oriflame Poland Foundation – We Make Dreams Come True, to concern has prepared packs full of clearing gels, soaps, creams for dry skin, tender care creams and wellness snacks to support medical stuff working hard to save people’s life.

Herbalife. The company declared that, with help of Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, will support United Nations’ actions shortly. The concern is going to maintain World Nutrition Programme and pass 1 000 000 USD to American Emergency Aid Fund. Money is going to be spent on actions to fight with coronavirus. First tranche of 333 000 USD has already been sent. – Our input in American Aid Fund appears to be a prove our constant engagement in fighting against problems all around the world – Allan Hoffman said. Allan is a global issues vice-president in Herbalife Nutrition. – Thanks to our programme called Nutrition for Zero Hunger, we sustain needed funds to help to react in the best and the most efficient way and fight the virus – he adds.

MONAT Global. MONAT Global, another network marketing company has also reacted on COVID-19 problems in an interesting way. The concern decided to transform one of their great production lines in Miami-Dade County located in Florida. The factory, where hair and skin cosmetics were previously produced was changed into specialistic hand sanitizers’ production line. The company confirmed that 240 000 bottles of such sanitizers, 2 ounces each, will be given to government, non-profit organizations and customers in whole North America. – In time of out-of-control events, many companies as much as individuals are looking for compelling ways of help – cofounder and president of MONAT Global, Ray Urdaneta comments. – Transforming our production line in these unexpected circumstances will enable us to assist in making lacks of sanitizers smaller, strengthen our customers in the area of safety and minimize the effect of coronavirus dispersion – he claims.

Mary Kay. Mary Kay Inc, which is a company designed in MLM system, decided to donate almost 10 million dollars to slow down the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and support of the ones who fight against the coronavirus as a first liners. The mentioned donations consist of fundraisings, products collections and support in distribution in countries where business activities of company are held. As a response for the global COVID-19 pandemic, Mary Kay Inc, its concerns all around the world and four foundations sponsored by the company located in Canada, Brazil, China and USA started humanitarian actions to support both in global and local events. The main activities pf the company were performed around global production and donations of hygiene products and hand sanitizers that were passed to almost 20 healthcare systems, 1 000 hospitals and 1,5 million patient, doctors and medical personnel located in various world regions.

dōTERRA. dōTERRA, which is another network marketing to fight against COVID-19 pandemic, has initiated the campaign supporting healthcare personnel, paramedics and organizations acting as first line of defence against coronavirus. The event started on 8th of April 2020. How did it happen? dōTERRA is about to pass all the incomes from the sales of its collections called Rose Lotion and Shea Butter (up to 250 000 USD – this sum is expected to be tripled giving 750 000 USD in the end). This sum will be then spent on aid packs containing surgical masks, gloves, sanitizers and elements used in equipment used by nurses, doctors and paramedics.

Young Living. Yet another company to show strong involvement in support of needies is Young Living. New donation for Meals on Wheels, a non-profit organization what sustains food in retirement homes. Another action performed by Young Living is passing 1% of overall sales form Thieves products in North America, starting from the first, immediate sum of 100 000 USD. Money have been passed directly to COVID-19 Response Fund, that has already been supported by Meals on Wheels not only in USA but also Canada. The fund is concentrated on supporting attempts to supply food for programme, providing funds for additional transport lines, enabling telephonic lines for the sake of safety and connection with seniors who are isolated and many others.

Pampered Chef. In reaction to pandemic situation Pampered Chef, next company working in network marketing system decided to enlarge their range of help for Feeling America to support people in need due to current difficult situation. The corporation cooperates with food bank from 1991, but their relation has been strengthened especially when schools and workplaces are closed for many Americans. Pampered Chef enlarges its contribution in Feeling America by offering three different ways of help based on virtual money collections and sponsoring of dishes. Thanks to Feeling America’s help, Pampered Chef company can make the growth of the whole mission quicker in order to stop hunger. The way to do so is to support chain of food banks, school canteens and crisis aid.

Avon. Avon is the biggest company in the world that operates in direct sales and decided to give their products of total value of 16 million USD as an obligation to constant positive influence on the world. The company provided their products to many charity organizations such as AMAR in Puerto Rico and Feed the Children organization. Both are playing key role in supplying the ones in need due to COVID-19 pandemic. The concern has also provided Marine Toys for Tots Avon Puerto Rico programme with products of total value of 1,2 million USD. The programme is closely related to AMAR – Alianza de Médicos Al Rescate (Alliance of Physicians to the Rescue). AMAR is an organization that manages collecting drugs and the most important supplies for societies in need, since more than 25 years they treat these people for free. Avon donations for AMAR also included clothes, hygiene products, cosmetics and daily home products. Feed the Children cooperates tightly with social partners such as schools, civil organizations and food banks to support those social groups that are the weakest and may encounter difficulties due to loss of job in these hard times. In this way, during last sixteen years, Avon company donated products with a total value of more than 15 000 000 pounds. These are body care products, clothes, shoes and the most needed supplies for home.

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