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How to be successful in MLM business? Only super-dense basics on Network Marketing. Part 2

by Maciej Maciejewski

In the first part of my series of articles I have shown you a couple of practical tips about what you need to do to be able to start your MLM business swiftly and professionally. Today I will Focus on a more important matter. Here’s THE POWER OF DUPLICATION.

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What are the four MUST – DO’S for success at the beginning of your journey in Network Marketing business, have been provided to you in my previous article. It has used and accumulated the super – knowledge from the book “The Basics How to build a Large Successful Multilevel Marketing Organization”. You can find the article here: “How to be successful in MLM business? Only super-dense basics on Network Marketing. Part 1”.

Today you will meet the power of duplication in MLM and a method that will help you to build your network marketing organization swiftly and effectively. In this article I will present to you a strategy that will allow your structures to basically build up on their own!

I have divided this essential strategy into 4 levels of difficulty: elementary, intermediate, advanced, and master. It is up to you which path you choose and how quickly you will build your MLM organization.

The elementary level => Your task is to invite two people to the MLM business you operate in. You give them 100% of your attention! You and your leader pass the basics on building MLM business. You help them to invite two people from their contact list. Now your organization consists of four members. You repeat the pattern with the new people, and you help them to find another two people. Your organization has eight people at this point!

Next you introduce the duplication system, i.e., you pass the basics on building MLM business to your business partners, and you support them in getting new people. Your organization consists of eight people at this point, and now each of your partners has a task to get another two people.

8 x 2 = 16!

The intermediate level => Here your task is basically the same. The only change is the number of people. Instead of two, you need to find three people.

3 x 3 = 9 x 3 = 27 x 3 = 81!

Please note that we have only added one more person to the equation and your organization has now 81 people!

The advanced level => Now your task gets a bit more difficult. You must find four people.

4 x 4 = 16 x 4 = 64 x 4 = 256!

The advanced level => We raise the bar! Your task is to find five people.

5 x 5 = 25 = 25 x 5 = 125 x 5 = 625!

What is the most common mistake in building an organization in MLM business that I have come across? Network marketers want to manage tens, and sometimes hundreds of people in the front line. This isn’t the way. Select really good players who want to learn and develop. You are not able to manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of people. The day has only 24 hours. For everyone.

The MLM business is to give you space, freedom, time, money, and many more wonderful aspects it has to offer. Don’t get caught in the trap of the beginner and don’t bring into your organization as many people as you can from your list. It can’t be enforced!

You don’t need to introduce one hundred people to be successful in MLM business. Use the duplication strategy and, for a start, choose one of the four levels of difficulty and you’ll see that your structure will “build itself” in time.  If you’ve reached the end of this article, thank you for your time and attention. I appreciate every small gesture. Hugs and kisses, Adrian.

The author of this text runs an interactive agency. He helps entrepreneurs to develop their online businesses and he helps network marketers to acquire MLM partners via social media. He possesses 12 years’ experience in business. ‘I’ve worked for many brands, such as Subaru, Seat, Skoda, Orange, Michał Wawrzyniak (Kołcz Majk)’. He is the author of the book ‘Przygnieciony życiem – jak zacząć pracować z pasją!’. For a living, he is a business partner for two network marketing companies – DuoLife and RAYPATH International. 

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