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Are you ready for the perfect storm that will rock the MLM world?

by Maciej Maciejewski

When East meets West and all the stars align, it is not just about reuniting the entire globe, but also about bringing together different cultures and many languages. When two visionaries decide to put together their talent, their values, their experience, and their vision, it is to create the project that the Network Marketing world has been waiting for more than 10 years.

Dany Laroque & Leonid Morgunov

Dany Laroque, founder president of DL-Group and Leonid Morgunov, founder president of Greenway, join forces to create the next Billion € giant in the Network Marketing industry, Greenway Global.

Since meeting in 1996, they have shared similar values and philosophies: providing high quality natural products, offering a legal, aggressive, and highly profitable compensation plan, respecting ecology, ethics, and integrity.

This is the merger of two highly compatible companies focused on beauty, wellness, home maintenance, and the quality of life in general.

This new giant will distribute a wide range of high quality “green” products, with several hundred references including prestigious brands. Products for all budgets, available to everyone around the world.

After a tour in Europe (Monaco, Antalya, Prague, Crete), February 9th, 2022, will mark the official launch with a tremendous event in Moscow, and in Miami in March for the Americas.

“Together, we already cover many countries on four continents, and this is just the beginning! We will reach our goal of 1 billion € at record speed, thanks to the steady arrival of top leaders from around the world. We will create a global revolution in the Network Marketing industry and be the fastest growing company ever, bringing together Network Marketing, Direct Selling, E-commerce, and Social Media Marketing” – we read in the press release.

We are currently doing daily business presentations in multiple languages to introduce our unique opportunity to professionals who want to become even more successful leaders in the future.


Let’s be the change … Now!

Contact: [email protected]

The history of Greenway began in 2017 in the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk.  In just 3 years, the company has become the most dynamic and fastest growing network company in the post-Soviet space, breaking all records in all indicators: turnover, geography, remuneration and network growth.  Thousands of people have united under the Greenway brand because they have made sustainable living affordable and profitable.  And already in 2020, Greenway received the title of the best social project in Russia.  The mission of the company is to preserve the purity of the planet and leave it intact for our children.

DLG is part of Hopps Group, the new French player in delivery, services and local communication, which was created in January 2017 in south of France. DLG acquired the brand Anny Rey Monaco in 2017, a half-century of know-how and a catalog of more than 40 products. ANNY REY Laboratories based in Monaco offer more than 50 years of experience in the cosmetic field, a guarantee of exigency, excellence and a unique expertise. Member of the FVD (French Direct Sales Association), DLG operates in more than 30 countries (Europe, USA, Mexico). DLG is at the heart of performance and well-being, and supplies high-quality skincare and nutritional products, based on a concept uniting tradition, savoir-faire and luxury, all  made in France/ Monaco.


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