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ZINZINO acquires brand portfolio with Swiss skincare and supplements

by Maciej Maciejewski

Business ZINZINO, the network marketing global health and wellness brand from Scandinavia, has acquired the Swiss companies Enhanzz Global AG and Enhanzz IP AG, including their skincare brand HANZZ+HEIDII and multifunctional nutrition label YU.

This is a strategic and important step in ZINZINO’s growth plans, with a focus on enhancing personal health and wellness on a global level with cutting-edge biotechnology and a groundbreaking product portfolio distributed through direct sales & network marketing.

Enhanzz is an innovative direct sales company from Switzerland specializing in exclusive, natural and vegan skincare products. The trademarked HANZZ+HEIDII range is based on biotechnology using plant stem cells from Edelweiss and snow algae. The brand portfolio also features YU; a series of all-natural, multifunctional food supplements intended to support a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

A visionary mindset, tech first perspective and a strong position to benefit from current trends will shape the foundation of the acquisition of Enhanzz and the brand HANZZ+HEIDII. Since acquiring VMA Life in 2020, ZINZINO has been looking for more powerful investments to maintain its sustainable, profitable growth, strengthen its distribution power, access new markets and leverage the product portfolio within new consumer areas. The acquisition of Enhanzz creates obvious synergies between both product lines and distribution organizations. Enhanzz operates within a booming market within natural skincare based on the proven fundamentals of science and nature. The products will very well complement as well as expand ZINZINO’s all-natural product portfolio.

– Individual consultations and customized solutions are the future, and not only within the health and wellness space, says Dag Bergheim Pettersen, CEO at ZINZINO. – Together we have more than 100 years of combined industry experience and will spearhead the modern, personalized shopping experience through direct sales.

– We’ve been wanting to increase our skincare offer for a long time and team up with people who share our empowering, customer-centric approach and ambition to create a holistic product experience in our global direct selling community – says Dag Bergheim Pettersen. – I’m thrilled to reveal that that we’ve finally found our perfect match. Enhanzz promotes an inclusive, happiness driven social culture serving a common cause that resonates extremely well with our overall purpose to inspire change in life and bring the world back into balance.

ZINZINO acquires the company Enhanzz IP AG including IP rights to its brands HANZZ + HEIDII and YU. Enhanzz Global AG with its distributor organization and merchandise on hand are also part of the acquisition. The business, which reported sales of approximately EUR 3 million in the previous year, is expected to create strong growth through the synergies that arise in the shared networks. The gross margins in the business are good and great profitability is expected from utilizing ZINZINO’s existing technical platform and organization.

ZINZINO will pay a fixed purchase price of EUR 1 million upon entry, divided into 75% cash and 25% newly issued ZINZINO shares. There are also additional conditional purchase prices based on the sales development generated by the acquired distributor organization in the period 2022–2027. The total additional purchase consideration is estimated to amount to EUR 2.5 million, but may, in case of a maximum outcome, amount to EUR 6.5 million which shall be 100% settled with newly issued ZINZINO shares. The cash part of the purchase price is financed with own cash.

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