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MONAT announces expansion into France

by Maciej Maciejewski

MONAT has announced its European expansion into France. Following its launch in Europe in 2018, the brand’s philosophies, reputation, education, and innovation have been instrumental in its remarkable success, the company said.

sources: Pixabay

Tamila Kerimova, SVP & general manager for MONAT Europe, said: – Our company successes within Europe have shown that social selling has quickly become a preferred way to not only buy but for people to create their own financial future. There’s been a real movement in consumer demands, especially with global pandemic shifting the economy in many countries towards e-commerce businesses. MONAT success is evident through our market partners achievements to create their own businesses and destiny, their power to create conversation, and to inspire a greater network to act and help others, alongside themselves.

MONAT initially launches in France in May 2023 through a serious of regional roadshows and events to introduce the business model and opportunities for founding market partners. The launch momentum will progress throughout June, ready for the e-commerce launch of its award-winning beauty products in the summer months.

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