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QuiAri receives license to operate in South Korea

by Maciej Maciejewski

QuiAri founder and chief executive officer Bob Reina announced the company has received its license to operate within South Korea. This is a significant step in the company’s continued global expansion efforts, which Reina announced would be a significant focus for the company in 2023.

sources: Pixabay

QuiAri will offer a free mobile app, portal, self-replicating website, training guide, marketing videos and opportunity presentations – all translated into Korean – to the South Korean market on launch day.

– This is an important milestone for QuiAri. We are moving into the next phase of our growth and it’s going to be one of our biggest jumps. We envision a future where QuiAri products and opportunity are available not just in South Korea, but in every market throughout Asia as well as the rest of the world. Our business is 100% scalable and can easily handle any significant increase in demand. We keep proving ourselves time and time again all over the world. South Korea will be no exception. Welcome to the new #1. Welcome to QuiAri – Bob Reina said.

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