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4Life doubles capacity with new manufacturing facility

by Maciej Maciejewski

4Life has finalized the second phase of its manufacturing strategy in Vineyard, Utah with the completion of a new manufacturing building, which began construction in October 2021. The new facility, built adjacent to its existing 48,500 square foot manufacturing plant, adds an additional 58,300 square feet and will create 20 new jobs.

sources: Flickr

New equipment available as a result of this expansion includes a bulk powder fill line for NutraStart and Pro-TF, a 150-cubic-foot blender for 4Life Transfer Factor, and a production line that can count and load four variations of vitamins for products like RiteStart Men and RiteStart Women.

– This new combination of complex machinery will help us continue our commitment to excellence in manufacturing, quality, and customer satisfaction – said Danny Lee, 4Life president & CEO.

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