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Nikken to close its operations in Europe after 27 years

by Maciej Maciejewski

Effective March 31, 2023, Nikken will close its operations in Europe after 27 years. The wellness company will focus its business on its North American, Latin American and Japanese markets. Since opening in Europe in 1996, independent consultants there have provided Nikken’s products and services.

President and CEO Luis Kasuga said: – We are proud to have been a part of the European economy for more than two decades, and we are grateful for the loyalty and support of the independent consultants throughout the years. We acknowledge the disruption this may cause and are doing our best to ensure a smooth transition for the independent consultants and their customers.

The company cited the economic climate of the last three years as the primary reason behind this closure of operations. Despite the company’s maximum efforts, the increasingly high cost of manufacturing and the supply chain shortages severely impacted the bottom line.

– We are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve and meet many amazing individuals over the years. The staff at Milton Keynes will remain heroes in our hearts, even as we are committed to honoring each independent consultant and registered customer with the best possible service through the last day of European operations. We are confident that our wellness community will continue to receive the same quality products and services through our other global operations. We are grateful for the support from the European Direct Sales Associations and our community. We wish the best future for all – Kasuga added.

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