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Medifast launches into sports nutrition category with OPTAVIA ACTIVE

by Maciej Maciejewski

Medifast announced the debut of OPTAVIA ACTIVE, a line of exercise supplements and protein powders designed to help customers of all fitness levels optimize their motion habits. This new launch is an effort by Medifast to capture more market share opportunities.

The sports nutrition category, which the company described as a $30 billion market, effectively triples its addressable market and provides new, previously untapped customer segments.

This line currently includes OPTAVIA ACTIVE Essential Amino Acid (EAA) blend and OPTAVIA ACTIVE Whey Protein, with additional products to be rolled out in 2024. All OPTAVIA ACTIVE products are designed with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and are Informed Sport certified, meaning they contain no banned substances.

Medifast is also unveiling a new partnership with Aaptiv, a fitness app, to provide guided workouts for its community. – With the introduction of OPTAVIA ACTIVE, we now offer another tool to help more people make lifestyle changes and embrace healthy habits in all areas of their lives. This line builds on our existing healthy weight management and eating program and provides each customer with a simple, coach-guided way for them to practice the habit of healthy motion. We are making great progress against our mission as we continue to make OPTAVIA increasingly central to the health journeys of many more people – said Dan Chard, Medifast chairman and CEO.

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