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CORONAVIRUS VS NETWORK MARKETING. Why MLM is the best way to make money in the times of pandemic

by Maciej Maciejewski

Life is beautiful, however, in many ways we live in strange and difficult times. And yet, in every crisis there is a hidden opportunity. Every challenge presents a new possibility. You just need to observe smartly and draw conclusions. And you must seize the opportunity. While some people see only the downside and the drawbacks in a difficult situation, we need to look for the sun and for the advantages.

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Why? Because there’s always a moment in everyone’s life when a huge door opens in front of them. When they face something great. That door will close quickly and you can either seize the moment, or not. The choice is entirely yours.

To get a second chance in life is one thing. To use it and to make your life better – that’s the trick!

What do you think, which phrases are the most commonly typed in google search? I can tell you now. ‘Earning money’, ‘earning additional money’, ‘extra job’, ‘additional income’. Moreover, nowadays, for the obvious reasons, people are looking for alternative methods of earning money that would allow them to work from home. This is an amazing opportunity for network marketing. This business would always thrive whenever and wherever there was a crisis. Nowadays, in the times of internet  and social media, a new era in the MLM business has begun.

Crisis creates Shakeout

Now is the right time and the right place for multilevel marketing. Why is that? For all the aces this model has up its sleeve, all the attributes and possibilities that it gives to people, make it an opportunity that you just cannot pass by with indifference:

  • Minimal cash contribution for a start.
  • Low costs of business activity.
  • Financial independence and freedom.
  • It can be treated as a side job or a powerful business.
  • It creates opportunities for betterment, education and self- realization
  • Equal opportunities for everyone?
  • Minimal risk.
  • Nobody will fire anyone without any reason, or because they just feel like it , or due to a crisis.
  • You can run it from home via internet…
  • …and thus, it can become an uncomplicated, high-income global business. Amen.

The network marketing model is a total opposite of the enslaving labour system. Moreover, it’s better than the traditional and the franchising businesses. You can also build  something great in it, however,  you can start with much less financial and mental contribution.  

What can you gain?

Here’s some of the latest data. The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations gathers 60 organizations that represent direct selling and network marketing companies from all over the world. In 2018 these companies generated global sales of 192.9 billion dollars. A nice cake to have a piece of? Of course it is! It’s a new record. And everyone can have a piece of it- as big as they want to. It only takes some charisma with a dash of consistency. You just need to approach it and cut yourself a piece of it.

The latest survey by Ipsos confirmed that the direct selling and network marketing sector has shown a steady rise in time, with 3-year compound annual growth rate of 4.2% for the period between 2015 and 2018. And it has been like that for over 80 years. Surely, these aren’t sky-rocketing increases, however, in the time of crisis, they are STEADY and STABLE.

According to the latest data 118.4 million people work in DS/MLM. Only. Already. And approximately 10.5 million of those people work full time, they dedicate 30 hours per week for building their business. 42.9 million individuals work part – time, and they dedicate 30 hours per week for work. 64.9 million are those individuals who have recently joined as they appreciate the products and want to buy them at a discount. These are purely consumers. The rest will not be active. That’s their loss…

This business is a very good alternative for multi-generational families and  baby boomers. The figures show that DS/MLM system is constantly contributing to building equality and increasing of entrepreneurship all over the world. Women are the driving force behind the success of this sector. Over 4 out of 5 direct sellers are women, which is over twice the European average of all entrepreneurs. Direct selling offers business opportunities for people of all ages. 1 in 5 direct sellers is over 55 and there are no educational barriers to become a distributor. Moreover, people from all backgrounds decide to take up this business, from the individuals without formal education to the highly educated ones.

Entrepreneurship is the base of this system. 1 in 3 direct sellers choses our sector for it offers flexibility and long term, additional income. And the Ipsos survey has shown that a vast majority of direct sellers enjoy independence, freedom, and flexibility in their work. The entrepreneurs are authorised to build their own business, set up their own work schedule and sell in their networks in their own, unique ways. DS/ MLM allows people to build their careers the way they want and at a pace that suits them.

Network marketing is the very essence of business, free market, capitalism, and self- determination. It is an alternative way of earning money in which everyone gets results directly proportional to their own efforts.

Young wolves & Shotguns

Finally, there’s the age thing. Young people appreciate and join MLM business more and more often. Those who have the internet at their fingertips. Not only is this proven by surveys, it is also confirmed by my observations. I have recently given a couple of lectures for, among others,  Souvre Internationale, therefore, I know what I’m talking about. The average age of the individuals operating in direct selling business visibly decreases which, in turn, will soon become a considerably beneficial factor in the development dynamics of the whole sector. The most recent studies on our industry have shown very interesting changes in the age structure. More and more individuals between 35 and 65 join the business. However, there are some companies where the median age is considerably lower, which is particularly evident during conferences organized by those companies. For instance, in Limanowa, where on 11th January this year a group form Souvre Internationale was trained, 99% of the attendees were young people aged 20-25. Yes! And one of the prizes for dynamic development of structures was awarded to a young man of 17 years! And that’s the spirit.

That’s very good news. You just need to take advantage of it in a smart way. For in the world that makes it more and more difficult to connect with others, multilevel marketing supported by the internet marketing will be building communities and bringing closer together people from around the globe. It will contribute to the growth of the world’s economies both online and offline.

A comment from Dariusz Holeniewski, Souvre Internationale: – In spite of the global economic problems, our company is thriving. I ventured to a little summary of our company’s sales in April. When we compare April 2020 to April 2019 we’ve got a 10,3% increase, and the first quarter of 2020 is 13,4% higher than the first quarter of 2019. The difference is that in April 2019 we were operating in times without pandemic, when the economy was functioning properly, and despite this, April 2020 was better! Shocking. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our distributors. Despite the fact that the times aren’t the best, we’re really getting by and the figures show that 2020 will be better than the last year. The matter of the amount of registrations looks similar. At first, we were celebrating March as the record- breaking month in the company’s history in terms of registrations, 6,858, that is 221 new partners daily. However, in April we set a new record. 7,338 new partners which gave 244 new partners daily. In spite of the fact that we live in difficult times, we’re getting by, and the numbers show that 2020 will again be better from the last year, in 2019 we made 113 million PLN in annual sales.

A comment from Grzegorz Małachowski, Nature’s Sunshine Products: – Nobody can claim that there is no crisis. There is, and it affects every industry including DS/MLM sector. Luckily, this industry has the highest capacity to adapt, and in this sector operate the bravest and the most creative individuals. The distributors in our company are like that. We do not pretend that the crisis isn’t there, however, we do not intend to surrender to it. We’re working hard together with our distributors to meet all the assumptions that had been set long before the pandemic outbreak. We would like to launch new products at meetings with specialists. This is not possible, however, the planned novelties are added to the offer without delays. In April we introduced to the market 2 new products, Bowel Build and MSM. Our clients were looking forward for both of them. The launch was made during a webinar that had a record – breaking attendance. There are exciting months ahead of us. In every one of them we want to add new products to our offer and we’ll be doing it regardless of the circumstances. We can hear everywhere that it wasn’t possible to prepare for the quarantine. After 2 months of the pandemic, we can say we actually were prepared. Our results in the recent months confirm it. We can face the future with courage as we work with brilliant distributors.

A comment from Łukasz Godyn, DuoLife: – It is good to see the whole industry coping well with this difficult and unexpected situation. The recent quarantine has brought us into a new reality. The solution that undoubtedly helped us in the time of pandemic was moving the work and all the events planned for the second quarter of 2020 to the internet. Difficult times redefine what sense of security really is and what is its value. Maintaining the production and stock availability at the appropriate level is one thing, convincing people to the company and its values is another. Only combining those two aspects brings growth and records that we are currently noting. Although everything was happening so fast, we were ready at DuoLife, and we are constantly experiencing acceleration of our business. To sum up, this is a record – breaking time for us, reach in a huge number of promotions including high executive positions. The whole situation has opened for us many doors that had been closed before.

A comment from Natalia Samarec, Natur Day: – March in our business was incredible. There were many new promotions in the structure, implementations of multiple motivational programmes for a company retreat, and for cars. This is incredibly pleasing and makes you want to go out and shout from the roof tops about the great possibilities that are brought by the internet and an appropriate system of operations in the right partnership programme. However, will everyone be able to hear it? Not everyone for sure, as not everyone is ready for changes. Not everyone wants to learn new things. Not everyone feels the need to create an alternative source of income. I can understand it, as it took me a lot of time to realize that I have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. I became aware of it during the crisis in the 90s when my family was destitute. The current situation reminds me of that. Therefore, I know that for many people now, just as for me then, the only help is, and I am not afraid to tell it now, to learn a new trade. To operate in a partnership system using a ready-made SMART internet system.

A comment from Ewa Knotz, Monat: – I am a very sociable person and my business, that has worked out so far, was based on meetings. Right after 15th March I had planned meetings in larger groups. Monat just entered the Polish market and in March I was supposed to go to Poznan for my first larger meeting. And it was supposed to be this way until the end of June. Everything was booked and prepared. It was going well until 10th March and then came a stressful week regarding logistics of bringing our son back from the US. Then came the fear of what happens next. I was at the end of a car programme and there were only 6 weeks left to complete it. Until that time, I had treated Facebook as my private space. My business Fan page was merely just to be there. I didn’t even have my own group. I didn’t know how to and I didn’t like working in the internet. And yet, I broke through it and I started making videos. During my first presentation my phone died. Sometimes it took me a whole day to make one video. That was stressful. I didn’t even have a good phone as I am not good with technology, and I’ve never felt the need for it. However, instead of driving around Poland as I used to, I started calling and working via Zoom. In March I closed the month at a required level. The company itself helped me a lot at that time as it surprised us with multiple promotional offers. This gave me motivation to learn. Every day there were more and more clients and I quickly realised that, although my Facebook is far from professional, the people still want to see what I do. We entered April with an offer for our potential market partners, which, in turn, led us to double our turnover, and to many promotions. It was a spectacular month for our group and the whole company. 125 thousand of new VIP clients and 50 thousand of new market partners in 5 countries, that says it all. Now I know that I can do many things in my MLM business via phone and computer. Although I miss the times before the pandemic, I believe that this time wasn’t wasted and, currently, I’m not afraid to think of achieving a higher level.

And that’s how it looks like. When some suffer decreases, the others experience growth. Which one of them will you be? According to many specialists, the worst time in economy is just ahead of us. Supposedly around 50% of all companies could declare bankruptcy. Many employees are in for a rude awakening. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and to look for the right, alternative solutions to make money.

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