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It`s worth to help. MLM business dōTERRA funds health care for remote African region

by Maciej Maciejewski

The grand opening of Sanaag Specialty Hospital, located in Erigavo in the heart of Somaliland’s Frankincense resin harvesting region, was announced this week. The hospital, backed by dōTERRA Healing Hands, will provide sustainable, quality healthcare for hundreds of thousands of people living in the remote African region.

– Prior to the opening of the Sanaag Specialty Hospital, people had to travel over 12 hours to reach medical help, if they could afford the journey at all. Now, Sanaag provides a full-service hospital, pediatric care, pharmacy services and community outreach services, among other medical care. This first-class facility allows us to face the region’s high infant and child mortality rate. We have an amazing and dedicated medical team that is already seeing success and making an impact in the lives of Somalilanders – said dr Russell Osguthorpe, dōTERRA chief medical officer.

Included in the specialty hospital’s services is accident and emergency care, maternity and neonatal care, a surgical operating theater, pediatric care, in-patient and out-patient care, labs and radiology, and community outreach. The hospital currently employs more than 100 staff members, a chief medical officer, senior medical officer and doctors specializing in general and trauma surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, internal medicine and child and infant care. A support staff of trained lab technicians, anesthetists, radiologists, pharmacists and nurses is also onsite.

dōTERRA’s Helping Hands Frankincense resins are sourced from Somaliland, Oman and Ethiopia, where approximately one-third of the nation’s population lives. The company works through its Co-Impact Sourcing program to create a traceable network of harvesters, collectors and sorters and works with more than a dozen tribal sub-clans within the region to create more than 7,000 employment opportunities while striving to hold to a fair and secure method of supply chain management.

– When dōTERRA looks for sourcing partnerships, we deliberately choose locations where we can obtain the highest quality essential oils, while also focusing on improving the individual, social, economic, and environmental well-being of the people in surrounding communities. The hospital has been a vision of ours for more than four years, and its completion represents the passion, determination, grit, and hard work of so many people and organizations. We can’t thank everyone enough for their contributions. Sanaag Speciality Hospital will be a powerful force for good in the lives of individuals and families living and working in the region for generations – said David Stirling, dōTERRA founding executive and CEO.

Comment of Magdalena Maculewicz: – MLM business systems have tempted me for a long time with their independence, and unlimited possibilities. In this business, you are your own boss, you run your own business without major costs to start. As for me, this is the biggest plus. I can work whenever and wherever I want, combining my private and professional life. I have always been interested in a healthy and ecological lifestyle and how much Mother Nature provides us. My motto is live with a holistic approach to health. One of the areas I explore is aromatherapy. Two years ago, while looking for high-quality essential oils, I met dōTERRA. I knew a lot about MLM businesses, structures, and compensation plans. However, I did not immediately decide to dynamically develop my structure with a focus on profits and promotions, because these are not my goals. After thorough research, I knew that I wanted to be part of this venture, because thanks to this company I can earn from my passion and deepen my knowledge, having a positive impact on the life and health of other people.

Every MLM is a relationship business. At dōTERRA, I meet fantastic people with a similar view of the world, who want to improve their quality of life and health by getting closer to nature. But it’s not just business. The company focuses on sustainable, fair, and safe sourcing of raw materials, ecology, and community support in the regions where it sources the raw materials for its oils. dōTERRA always positively surprises me with their actions. I consider providing help and a social commitment to openness, respect and understanding as crucial, especially in these times. Supporting the community in improving the quality of life by creating jobs, education, and medical care, respecting the culture and specificity of the region without imposing its cultural and social norms, helping through freedom… I consider philanthropy. dōTERRA works this way and I am proud of it, and I am glad to be a part of it as I have always dreamed of my work bringing about positive changes.

Comment of Aneta Molnar: – Five years ago, while searching for natural solutions for my daughter’s health problems, dōTERRA appeared in my life. A friend recommended an essential oil to me, and low and behold it worked amazingly. Our whole family started using dōTERRA products, and knowing their capabilities, I recommended them to others. However, I didn’t want to “play” with selling back then. I was afraid of looking like some intrusive peddler squeezing products into people’s homes. Unfortunately, at that time I was unaware of what MLM really was and I did not realize what working with such a company could mean for me. I think I found out about MLM systems far too late in life. Looking back and knowing the possibilities of network marketing today, I wish it was incorporated into education curriculum, so students are exposed to the possibilities that MLM brings.

Today I am pursuing my goals, and fulfilling my dreams, although the road is not always easy. The most important thing is not to give up at the beginning when it is the hardest and remember that consistency is our super strength, which, combined with perseverance, will always bring success and wealth. I am very proud that dōTERRA helps so many people in need, especially children. After all, children are unable to cope with problems on their own. They must have a helping hand from adults. This is a very important matter, because soon these kids will be deciding the future of our planet.

From Day One, dōTERRA has been purpose driven and saw an opportunity to reconcile the company’s strategy with philanthropic initiatives. Through these initiatives, the company aims to enable communities around the world to make lasting changes that alleviate extreme poverty, improve quality of life, and ensure fundamental human rights. The Healing Hands foundation works with many organizations to eliminate modern slavery. To this end, they have developed the Hope model to fight against human trafficking. The Hope model focuses on prevention, rescue, and postoperative care to protect and strengthen those affected by enslavement. It also provides clean water and sanitation initiatives, supporting communities with basic needs, disaster relief, women’s empowerment, and child support. It is one of the best organizations to contribute to as 100 percent of customer donations go straight to people in need, all administrative costs are covered by dōTERRA.


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