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Tupperware included in Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter” list

by Maciej Maciejewski

In its first annual “Brands That Matter” list, Fast Company included Tupperware as an honoree, identifying it as a company that does more than sell products or provide services. Brands included in this list illustrated their relevance through cultural impact, social engagement and authentic communication of their mission and ideals.

Tupperware has made strategic moves toward environmental and social issues of importance over the past year including:

  • Reducing food and plastic waste by investing in programs aimed at changing consumer behavior around single-use plastics.
  • Supporting first responders and healthcare workers.
  • Adopting digital tools to modernize product demonstration and expand reach.
  • Innovating kitchen solutions and receiving a US patent for a device designed to help NASA grow vegetables in outer space.

– At Tupperware, we are always looking for new ways to better ourselves, our work and the solutions we offer the world. Our values were truly put to work last year–we do what’s right, we always improve, and we succeed as a team and for that, I am so proud of our teams and our network of dedicated sales force representatives around the world. We are honored to receive this recognition, as it reflects our purpose to nurture a better future and hopefully serves as inspiration to all our stakeholders – said Miguel Fernandez, president and chief executive offer of Tupperware Brands.

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