From Turkish land to... Farmasi launches operations in Germany - Network Magazine

From Turkish land to… Farmasi launches operations in Germany

by Maciej Maciejewski

Turkey-based Farmasi announced it has expanded its operations into Germany. New Farmasi Beauty Influencers in Germany will now join the more than 4 million existing distributors who work around the world in 27 countries.

sources: Pixabay

– We are so excited to expand our reach and bring our amazing products to the people of Germany. We continue to work towards changing the lives of people in Germany and becoming a top brand not just in Europe but all over the world – said Sinan Tina, chief executive officer in Farmasi North America.

The Farmasi company, which was founded 70 years ago in Istanbul, has been a leader in the field of beauty for decades. It is also high in the direct selling and MLM rankings and provides trusted products to millions of consumers across the globe. This MLM company is present in 29 countries, employs 1,500 people and has approximately 4 million beauty influences.

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