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MLM business on the internet. Here are 5 basic steps to help you get started with your professional online activities

by Maciej Maciejewski

Would you like to make a lot of money in network marketing using social media? If so, you must learn to reach other people effectively. After all, one of the principles of wealth is: “If you want to make money, you have to deliver your value to people. If you want to be rich, you have to deliver your value to many people.”

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The business world has changed a lot in the last few years. Everything went online. Skillful use of these opportunities can bring you a lot of money! Of course, as long as you know what to do and what mistakes to avoid.

I have been dealing with the MLM business for 5 years. I started my activities with tabletop presentations; today I only work online. Today, more and more people spend most of their time on social media. It is from there that we get information about the world, and we communicate mainly through these media. In business, if you want to make money quickly, what matters is e.g. the right timing – now’s a brilliant time for you to make money on social media, instead of social media making money on you!

You can grow your MLM business in a short time by using your Internet activities productively, which in turn will translate into an increase in your structure and generation of money in your account. All of this will happen if only you know how to act professionally, what mistakes to avoid and how to stand out from the millions of other networkers.

What does it actually mean to act professionally? First of all, it is specific, targeted and planned building of one’s personal brand in social media. A personal brand is nothing but your image that raises interest among those who follow you. However, it’s not just what people say about you when you leave the room that affects your personal brand. First of all, it is very important who you are, what you do and how you act.

Of course, building a personal brand can be left to fate and to chance. However, you can achieve much more if you start doing it consciously. With a strong personal brand, it doesn’t matter if you sell cosmetics or supplements – people will buy from you because it’s YOU. Building a personal brand, however, is a process that should have a solid foundation. Where to start? First, establish your target audience. Without establishing your audience, you’re shooting in the dark. Who should hear about you? The number of audience on the web is huge, but it is impossible to reach everyone with the same content. Here are 5 basic steps that can help you:

Who do you want to reach with your content? Women, men, women and men? What age range is your target group (20+ people and 35+ people are different audiences)? What is the group interested in (what books they read, what fanpages they like, which famous people they follow on social media, which famous people they are inspired by, what thematic groups they are in)?

What is your audience struggling with on a daily basis? What problems do they have (not enough money, time, unsupporting environment, disliked boss at work, dissatisfaction with work, low wages, unsatisfactory results/no results in MLM)? What are their worries (sense of lack of self-realization, eternal pursuit, lack of purpose and meaning, unfulfilled dreams of traveling/home, no dreams, life stagnation, lack of a committed MLM leader or lack of properly tailored training, no network marketing work system)?

What is your audience aiming for? What are their dreams (car, financial freedom, own house/flat, unlimited choice of place of residence, success in MLM)? What is important to them (living on one’s own terms, a sense of freedom, a sense of security, quick results, helping others, appreciation among loved ones, prestige)? What do they want more of (time (for the family/for one’s passions/for travels/for oneself), money (additional PLN 500/PLN 3,000/PLN 10,000 to the home budget), recognition among loved ones, self-confidence, a sense of meaning and purpose in one’s life)?

How can you help people from your audience? What can you offer (be careful there – in the MLM business, everyone has a business/product, but not everyone can use them properly. What you can offer to others is your experience, support, commitment to the success of your team member, your time, attention and support – even when you are at the beginning of your journey)? What dreams can you help achieve (dreams about financial freedom, about working from anywhere on Earth, about living on one’s own terms, about more time and securing one’s family, about one’s own apartment/house, about not having a boss, about working when one wants and with whomever one wants)? How your product helps (supplement, cosmetic, insurance)? Does it help them feel beautiful, give a sense of luxury, help take care of/recover, protect one’s property/life?

Write down the twenty most frequently asked questions/objections by your audience, for example:

  • How can I succeed here?
  • Do I need experience?
  • How do I make the time for this business?
  • I don’t have enough friends.
  • I’m not as talkative as you are.
  • I don’t know how to sell, etc.

The more precisely you answer these questions, the more effectively you will reach your audience without shooting in the dark. These are the basics, but it’s very important. You can’t go without it. It’s just like with a laser – it works most precisely when aimed at a specific place. Think how much time you will save when ideas for posts and live messages will come to your mind right away, because you know exactly the problems, interests and dreams of your audience. Think how much faster you will attract the right business partner if you know their profile precisely.

This exact thing is the most common mistake of those starting their work in social media – the lack of a specific course of action, and even lowering their reach on the profile by inserting posts that cut down these ranges, such as copying content and professional photos of products from the website of the company you’re collaborating with, linking directly to your online store or writing about everything and nothing.

Of course, when I started my activities on the Internet, I myself made a few such mistakes, e.g. non-directional posting. As soon as I worked it out, everything changed, so at the moment my goal is to teach other people to work effectively in the MLM system using social media.

All content you add on your profile is to have a specific effect on your audience, such as building your image in their eyes as an expert, intriguing the person so that they ask what you do or want to find out what brand of products you are using, or simply make the audience reflect on their life situation or even sell your own idea for life. This is exactly what you will get by acting wisely, directionally and thoughtfully on the Internet. And don’t be afraid to try things. Better to make a mistake 10 times than to do nothing. Intelligence is not as important in achieving success as consistent action and drawing conclusions. Therefore, test, work, experience and grow in strength as a professional network marketer with your personal brand. And use the knowledge and experience of other leaders to accelerate your results. Good luck!

The author of the text is passionate about the MLM system. She has been living in Toruń for 9 years. Having graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Nicolaus Copernicus University, she knew that she had to find a job: “But what to do? Apart from the fact that I always wanted to do something big and ambitious in my life and that the company would pay for my holidays, I had no idea what I would do. However, due to the fact that I value proactivity in life, I attended various types of training courses for students and I was looking for my own way. In one of them, I met a person who showed me a training group dealing with learning business competences operating in network marketing. Seeing how much knowledge I can get from such people, I got involved immediately. I could not succeed right away, but persistence and determination are the features of those who pursue their goals in life. In addition, with the right work system and the best training, a person is able to acquire any competence. It was the same with me”, she says. Now she runs an international team of several hundred people, and a few weeks ago she picked up another car from her MLM company, this time a new Mercedes CLA. Today, she looks forward to her future with a huge vision of how many ambitious people she helps achieve their success, e.g. with good online training.

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