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Automation will rob people of jobs. But for some it will be an opportunity for great growth – OPPORTUNITY FOR DEVELOPMENT!

by Maciej Maciejewski

The Brookings Institution recently published a very interesting scientific report, entitled “Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places?”. You know very well that wherever automation comes in, people en masse are losing their jobs and all earning opportunities.

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Who is the most threatened by this? Which occupations and sectors are most vulnerable? And what does it mean for the MLM business and those building structures in network marketing? Do networkers have anything to fear?

A continuous automation process is inevitable. There is no escaping it. Men will be hit hardest, as most of them work in the most vulnerable sectors, such as transport and construction. By comparison, most women work in relatively safe positions, such as education and healthcare.

But there are two sides to this topic, since wherever someone loses, someone else takes advantage. Thus, the development of automation will benefit those who are well-trained and work in safe sectors. Those where people and interpersonal contacts are not at risk.

I recently raised this topic live in my Facebook chats from the MLM-NEWS-ROOM series. In my opinion, the network marketing (MLM) system will benefit enormously. Why? It’s simple. I already told you. Wherever someone loses, someone else has to benefit. Amen.

Here are the major sectors, fields and activities that will be taken over by technological development and the inevitable automation in the coming years:

  • Taxi drivers and public transport drivers. Automation potential: 89%.
  • Catering and meal delivery. Automation potential: 81%.
  • Receptionists, Compensation and Benefit Managers, Accountants. Automation potential: 96–98%.
  • Cashiers in stores. Automation potential: 97%.
  • Farmers. Automation potential: 60%.

“The pain of automation will particularly hit those on low incomes, whose work is characterized by routine tasks. If your work is boring and repetitive, you are likely at risk of being automated. More than 50% of jobs that do not require a university degree will be replaced by artificial intelligence,” says Mark Muro, co-author of the report and senior research fellow at the Brooking Institution.

Fortunately, everyone who works in the MLM system has nothing to worry about. You can only benefit from it. Automation does not concern you. Direct sales and network marketing are all about people. It is a business of interpersonal contacts and no machine will EVER replace you in this!

What does this mean for you specifically? For you it means an OPPORTUNITY. A chance. OPPORTUNITY FOR DEVELOPMENT means a chance to grow. If automation soon deprives thousands, if not millions, of their jobs, then millions of people will need jobs immediately. A new source of income. Where some are losing, someone else must gain. Because money is never lost into oblivion. Money only changes hands. OPPORTUNITY FOR DEVELOPMENT!

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