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Having an argument or a pleasant conversation? How to dispel objections in the MLM business

by Maciej Maciejewski

“The MLM business doesn’t work.” “MLM is a pyramid scheme.” “But there’s no money in this.” The direct sales and network marketing sector already generates approximately $ 200 billion in net sales each year. This is more than twice the film industry and 11 times more than the music sector. Of this, companies pay an average of 50% in commissions for their distributors. No money in it, you say?

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All in all, this is where we could end the polemic as to whether this “pyramid scheme” works. The cake to share is a huge one. But that only matters if someone wants to learn how to make money in the business, not just take good advice.

Hearing such objections, I often wonder how huge an ego does it take to think that you are the one who discovered the greatest scam of all time. A “shady business” that no one, not one person, has noticed for the last few decades. The MLM business has been operating for almost 100 years all over the world, and it was YOU who discovered that it is a pyramid scheme! Mad respect. What an outstanding individual. Give that man a Nobel prize!

A lesson about the MLM system in schools? How about introducing the topic to schools during entrepreneurship lessons: “What’s the difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme?” Then there would be a chance to raise awareness among future sages. I understand people who don’t care about network marketing because they are completely uninterested in it and find fulfillment elsewhere. But I am always at a loss with those who have never even touched this business having the most to say; they know nothing about it and yet they associate MLM only with madness in their aunt Kryśka’s eyes, who, excited about one of the meetings, dreamed of a Mercedes, because you only need 2 hours online without leaving your home.

But the point is not to duel with arguments, because you can go on and on like that, and that’s what “dismissing objections” looks like. The very expression, which I do not like, puts a person in an “attack” or “defend yourself” position. Someone puts a target in front of you, in the form of objections, and you go “pew-pew”. You shoot. Either you hit or miss! As they say – there are two outcomes. Either it works or it fails. Some distributors even memorize how to answer specific objections. I wonder what they do when they get an objection outside the STANDARD pool.

Objections – attack or defense? Raising objections is already a signal of defense itself. Note that they often come in the form of slogans and not talk prompts. A person who raises objections (usually the ones mentioned above) does not encourage you to talk; on the contrary – they want to end the conversation as soon as possible. Have you ever wondered why? Remember, the one who feels weaker is always the first to attack! A true champion knows that fighting is a last resort and avoids it.

Whatever they are – this or another objection/excuse/urban myth is able to push you off the path to your goal and make you doubt. How do you want to build the certainty of this business in a new person, if you are uncertain yourself? Any comment made from the “crowd” may disturb your course of action. And remember that it is worth breaking out of the crowd sometimes. Especially when you want more than just be part of a crowd.

Hours of training on “overcoming objections” will be useless, if you have them yourself and you will not feel confident. The question is, do you feel confident with yourself at all? Do you know what your life goal is? What value you want to give the world? What’s your mission? What is your life going to look like in 5 years? Without a strong foundation, it’s hard to build something that lasts for years.

It’s worth breaking out of the crowd! Those who have built themselves are successful in this business. Those who have a strong “why” are confident in their values and go their own way. People like them are not afraid to talk about business, and the objections of others only make them more willing to talk. They are not afraid to stand out and break away from the pattern, all the while respecting the decisions and choices of others who do not necessarily want to follow the same path. And I’ll tell you a secret – they have nothing that you couldn’t have, too! Why are you afraid to break out of the crowd? Why does what the crowd says mean more to you than what your heart and intuition tell you?

Settle down firmly in yourself, find out your objections are and dispel doubts, and nothing will throw you off the path to your goal. Be a “Yes Man” to other poeple’s every decision and you will no longer fear confrontation. People deal with crap, posting advertisements on the Internet, waving cash and photos on the hoods of cool cars, looking for shortcuts because they are afraid of confronting other people and of confronting themselves. They are afraid because of their own objections and lack of self-confidence. Start being curious about yourself and your values, and the curiosity of others will appear naturally.

Objections disappear where the real curiosity of another person and an honest conversation begins. That’s that.

And then presenting business opportunities becomes a pleasant conversation between two open-minded people, not a duel with arguments and dispelling objections. Show them the solution to their problem, and that will motivate them more than the idea of a shiny car in their garage.

Strengthen your belief in the MLM business and build your self-esteem, because this cannot be concealed under smart clothes and the vision of high earnings. Until you feel confident, use your leader’s skills and supplement your knowledge. Be curious! Be curious about yourself, about people, their emotions, reactions, their lives, what they dream about, but also what currently prevents them from making these dreams come true.

In order to stand firmly on your business legs, you need to find out if this business is in line with your values. Do you know what they are?

What are your values? Where are you now on the Self-esteem Scale? Are you curious? Let’s make a deal: I am giving you a GIFT and you take a long moment to consume it today! Deal? Download HERE two free exercises from my workbook “Plan your MLM the human way”, thanks to which you will learn how to strengthen yourself in a few minutes and discover what is really important to you in life. Have fun exploring and experimenting with your own objections.

It is worth making a choice in line with your values, striving for freedom. Even if it involves breaking out of the crowd.

The author of the text is a promoter of the humanly MLM system. Humanly, meaning taking action and making choices according to one’s values on one’s way to freedom. She is in love with network marketing opportunities and its brilliance, but also aware of the challenges and shadows that this activity brings. Instead of pumping her ego with short-term motivation, she prefers to tame fears and change beliefs that hold us in place. She believes in the power of every human being before they have the time to believe in themselves. She writes about her human approach to MLM on her blog (www.mlmpoludzku.pl) and in social media (Facebook/mlmpoludzku). In private, a woman full of energy on the path to spiritual development and a mother of 13-year-old twins. Instead of meeting the expectations of others, she chose to fulfill her own desires.

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