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Medifast study shows COVID-19 pandemic permanently altered how U.S. adults prioritize their health

by Maciej Maciejewski

Medifast, the parent company for direct selling & network marketing organization OPTAVIA, released the findings for their survey that explored the dieting patterns and health perspectives of more than 2,000 U.S. adults. More than 70% of U.S. adults said health was a top priority in their life, even more so than career or family. In contrast to this result, half of respondents reported that prioritizing health is a challenge, citing lack of time and few positive influences as their main obstacles.

sources: Pixabay

The global pandemic has also strongly impacted how U.S. adults feel about their wellbeing. Majority of participants (61%) said the COVID-19 pandemic permanently changed how they prioritize their health.

According to the survey, nearly three in five U.S. adults have dieted at least once in their lifetime to help them feel good physically (50%), lose weight (48%), boost their energy and immune systems (47%) and feel good mentally (47%). Only 28% of those dieters using a traditional diet method say it lasted, and 79% were likely to go back to their pervious eating behaviors after giving up.

What would improve their chance for success? Two-thirds (67%) of participants believe their health goals would be more successful if they had support from other people who are on a similar journey to make positive lifestyle changes.

– Consumers are seeking a comprehensive approach to lifestyle change that addresses the challenges of their everyday lives, and that shift in consumer desires is reflected in the recent rapid growth of our community. OPTAVIA is the solution for those who have failed on diets alone. These survey findings confirm why our innovative approach has impacted more than two million lives: There’s a clear need for simple plans and convenient products reinforced by the type of support that can help people create lifelong healthy habits – said Dan Chard, chairman and CEO of Medifast.

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