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Young Living Foundation partners with Hope for Justice

by Maciej Maciejewski

Young Living Foundation has partnered with Hope for Justice. The partnership aims at launching a free e-learning course to help families keep their children safe while navigating the challenges of today’s digital landscape. The program equips parents, caregivers, and educators with the knowledge and tools to protect children from online exploitation in the digital world.

– Everyone has the potential to become a child advocate and to safeguard a child against exploitation and human trafficking; but first we need to understand the scope of the problem, the signs of exploitation, and how to respond or even report it. Our partnership with Hope for Justice will not only educate and empower but also support parents to feel confident about having regular and sometimes difficult conversations with their children about technology use – says Dr. Marin Bryce, senior director of social responsibility at Young Living.

The free 60-minute e-learning course includes three modules that consist of interactive scenarios, real-life stories, relevant data, and engaging videos that provide effective techniques to help youth minimize risky online interactions and safely navigate social and gaming sites.

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