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Shaklee launches clean anti-aging body care line

by Maciej Maciejewski

Shaklee introduced Shaklee Body, a clean, anti-aging body care collection designed to deliver nutrition for the skin from the outside in. This new line is intended for both men and women and includes revitalize body wash, restore body serum and nourish body lotion.

Shaklee’s proprietary polyphenol blend was designed to help skin feel firmer with better texture and tone by promoting antioxidant activity, slowing collagen breakdown, preventing A.G.E. formation to target premature aging and supporting DNA repair from UV light exposure.

– We developed Shaklee Body to compete with the best luxury body brands in the world. But it’s also an anti-aging powerhouse formulated to slow the breakdown of collagen and target premature aging. Our formulas feature a patent-pending polyphenol blend that includes ingredients featured in some of our favorite anti-aging products: Vivix and YOUTH Skin Care. We’re leveraging the best of Shaklee science and innovation to bring something very special to the body care market – said Melina Baxter, Shaklee’s chief marketing officer.

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