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New eSpring from Amway

by Maciej Maciejewski

Amway announced the launch of its new eSpring Water Purifier with powerful, innovative UV-C LED technology, aimed at strengthening consumer health and boosting sustainability.

sources: Pixabay

Just one eSpring can treat up to 1,320 gallons of water per year. That’s equal to roughly 10,000 single-use plastic water bottles that would otherwise be used once and discarded, the company stated.

For 40 years, Amway’s eSpring technology has improved water quality for millions. The eSpring Water Purifier’s latest technology includes UV-C LEDs that use multiple laser beams to eliminate harmful microorganisms and contaminants by up to 99.99%. Coupled with the eSpring’s carbon filter, the UV-C LED technology reduces more than 170 contaminants typically found in tap water, including microplastics, PFOA and PFAS (commonly known as “forever chemicals”), resulting in safer water with better taste. 

Clean drinking water is a key pillar to health and wellbeing and we are incredibly proud of Amway’s scientists for their innovations helping people live better, healthier lives. Our new eSpring continues Amway’s long and storied commitment to sustainability, which has set the bar for consumer trust through sustainable, transparent manufacturing and farming said Andrew Schmidt, managing director of Amway North America.

This launch marked the first significant redesign of the eSpring in more than 20 years. Along with the eSpring product launch, Amway is also introducing the new Amway Healthy Home App which allows users to monitor their eSpring and other Amway devices from anywhere.

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